Talkin’ Bout a (Blogging) Revolution

Chalk up that headline as a hat tip to one of my favorite artists, Tracy Chapman, who is performing in San Francisco this weekend. In the slipstream of my post from earlier this month, The Evolution of Blogging, several folks have come up with their own take on why there is a crying need for a new blogging revolution. Chris Saad, who works for, a startup that makes social media tools and has been involved in various technical groups such as, today outlines seven reasons why the blog builders and users need to rise up. “It’s time we start re-investing in our own, open social platforms…Blogs are our profile pages – social nodes – on the open, distributed social web,” he writes. Well said, Saad! His seven reasons are:

1. Twitter Inc decisions that have not reflected the will of the community – particularly changing the @ behavior, changing their API without informing developers, making opaque decisions with their Suggested User List and limiting access to their Firehose.
2. Facebook’s continued resistance to true DataPortability
3.The emergence of tools and technologies that turn blogs into real-time, first class citizens of the social web. Tools like Lijit, PubSubHubBub and of course Echo.
4. A broader understanding that blogs are a self-owned, personalized, tool agnostic way to participate in the open social web.
5. FriendFeed selling out to Facebook
6. A flurry of great posts on the subject
7. The broader themes of the Synaptic Web” (via Chris Saad )

The point in number six is a bit of a stretch, but the rest of them make absolute sense to me. By the way, I am going to be following up my original post with additional thoughts and ideas.