U.S. Open to Stream Over 150 Tennis Matches

b_AndyRoddick_082309The tennis flavor of the U.S. Open kicks off on Monday, Aug. 31, but if you can’t make it to New York or are stuck at work, just turn on your PC. The U.S. Open announced yesterday that USOpen.org will be live streaming more than 150 matches for free here in the U.S..

From the looks of it, the tennis organization is going, ummm, balls out:

The media console will include picture-in-picture match viewing, user commenting and live match stats updates integrated with the live video. The USTA world feed, which is fed to international broadcasters in more than 180 countries, will be streamed live during all the live television windows for ESPN2 and Tennis Channel. All five television courts with announcer commentary will be available to users in high definition.

Last year, the only event shown online was the men’s final, which was delayed because of weather. But those clouds brought a silver lining for online video the match was subsequently rescheduled for the following Monday, when most people were at work and not in front of their TVs. More than 300,000 viewers tuned in online to watch Roger Federer beat Andy Murray.
Thankfully, it appears that the U.S. Open coverage will be better than NBC’s (s ge) not-live Wimbledon online this year. I think I’ll just quote paidContent’s Rafat Ali on this one:

Compare this to the horrendous NBC policy on Wimbledon, but to be tiny-bit fair, it was on a completely different timezone. Actually, scratch that, NBC Sports sucks, we all know that.

Image courtesy of USOpen.org.