Vid-Biz: Channels, “Otalia,” Felicia Day 2.0 Launches; revamped site aiming to become a “web video DVR” lets users subscribe to video via RSS feeds. (VideoNuze)
Guiding Light Actress Taking Her Lesbian Character to the Web; Since the soap is going off the air, Crystal Chappell taking the “Otalia” duo to a new web series called Venice for an ongoing story (under different character names) and an on-screen kiss. (The New York Times)
Felicia Day is Hollywood’s “Cat Lady;” in a lengthy profile of The Guild, the series’ star says that’s the only kind of part she’s offered. (The Wall Street Journal)
Redbox Adding Simultaneous Returns; company is testing a system that lets users return a movie at the same time another customer is renting one. (Video Business)
Jessica Biel is Dangerous; McAfee says that searches for the actress are more likely to lead to spyware and viruses than any other celebrity. (The Hollywood Reporter)
Theater Chains Eliminating Print Showtimes; Regal and AMC have started reducing or cutting out entirely their small print movie listings. (Variety)
RDF and Artificial Life to Make Interactive Animated Series; new show Sleuths would have viewer avatars compete in live telecast. (The Hollywood Reporter)