Opera 10 Released

Opera 10, the latest version of the innovative browser, launched today. It sports a sleek new design and improved performance, thanks to improved handling of JavaScript and a new “Turbo” mode that uses compression technology to speed up slow connections.
As I reported back in June when the public beta became available, Opera 10 has impressive standards compliance, scoring a perfect 100 on the Acid3 test, and includes support for web fonts. It also has greatly improved JavaScript performance, although it’s still not as speedy as the latest versions Firefox or Google Chrome (s goog). The final release doesn’t seem to have changed greatly from the beta; running it through the Sunspider JavaScript benchmark gives a virtually identical score on my test machine.
In addition to the spiffy new interface (which I think is a huge improvement over previous versions of Opera) this latest release has universal spellcheck, a built-in email client, “Speed Dial” access to frequently visited pages and better tab handling (including the handy ability to see thumbnails of all of your open tabs).
Picture 9
Opera 10 is free, comes in 42 languages and is available for a wide variety of operating systems, including Windows (s msft), Mac (s aapl) and Linux. It is well worth checking out.
Note: Opera’s servers seem to be struggling under the load as everyone downloads the new browser, so you might have to be patient. Alternatively, you can also access Opera’s FTP server directly (you’ll just need to find the right directory for your OS and language)
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