MashLogic Raises $2.5M Series A Round

-19MashLogic has received $2.5 million in Series A funding led by New Enterprise Ventures, according to the Menlo Park, Calif-based startup’s CTO and co-founder, Ranjit Padmanabhan. MashLogic makes a browser plug-in that provides contextual information about content on web pages, encouraging visitors to those pages to linger. Bessemer Venture Partners, an early investor in the startup, also participated in the round, which closed two weeks ago and will see New Enterprise Associates’ Kittu Kolluri join MashLogic’s board.
So far, MashLogic has been distributing its plug-in on the client side. Padmanabhan said the company will use the funding to reach out to publishers in order to get them to embed MashLogic’s technology onto their web sites.
Use a mouse to hover over a certain word or phrase on a web page that uses MashLogic, and a pop-up bubble that contains links to relevant articles or images about it will appear. This negates to the need to go to another site or open another tab in a web browser to find the same information, which is advantageous to publishers, Padmanabhan explained in a call this afternoon. MashLogic’s technology can also be used to link certain terms to the sites of e-retailers, such as Amazon (s amzn) and iTunes (s appl), which can help publishers monetize their content.
In June, MashLogic received $500,000 in angel funding from founder Scott Kurnit, Bessemer Venture Partners, LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman, Wikia CEO Gil Penchina and SoftTech VC founder Jeff Clavier. That same month, MashLogic jumped onto the Twitter bandwagon, incorporating links to Twitter trending topics and profiles into its pop-up bubbles. The MashLogic plug-in also lets people tweet directly from a web page.
While we’ve been skeptical about whether web browser plug-ins can be a business, MashLogic’s latest funding news shows that certain companies in the space can rise about the rest.