Smule and T-Pain Bring Auto-Tune to Your iPhone


What happens when a bunch of really smart and musically inclined PhDs who make iPhone apps team up with a popular hip-hop recording artist? You get a recording studio-quality, karaoke-style machine in your pocket, otherwise called I Am T-Pain ($2.99). It’s the latest in a string of audio-based hits from Smule, and is available in the App Store today.

If you’ve been dreaming of sounding like T-Pain — or just want that glass-shattering voice to sound half-way respectable, like me — then the I Am T-Pain application for iPhone is your ticket. By incorporating Auto-Tune technology (secret sauce, compliments of Antares Audio Technologies), anyone’s voice is enhanced, sounding as if it came from a recording studio. Marry that to Smule’s real-time audio processing, and you’re on your way to earning a platinum record…or at least some free beverages when you become the hit of the party using I Am T-Pain.
The app comes loaded with tracks from T-Pain’s hit music, which you can sing along to using the scrolling lyrics onscreen. Sing alone (not recommended in the shower; iPhones are pricey) or with friends, and have I Am T-Pain record your song. Or you may choose to use the freestyle mode, and do your own thing. All the while, Auto-Tune is making you sound like a star! When you’ve settled on something that’s ready to be “played to eleven,” you can save the recording, and share via email, Facebook or MySpace. And if you get bored of the tracks it comes loaded with, use the in-app purchasing option to expand on your fun.
Similar to Smule’s Sonic Vox, your voice is captured from the iPhone microphone (which is why iPod touch users are not able to play in this sandbox), processed inside that little slice of miracle we all know as the iPhone, and played via the internal speaker or headphone output. An impressive feat, to be sure. However, it’s probably useful to note that the sound output is going to sound orders of magnitude better through headphones or speakers plugged into the headphone jack (notice in the YouTube videos — linked below — it’s always with external speakers).

As of this writing, I hadn’t yet had any hands-on time with I Am T-Pain. And that’s a shame, too, because I’m pretty much the world’s most awful singer, and it would have been a great test to see how my voice would have fared, using I Am T-Pain with Auto-Tune. And you better believe I would’ve posted links to the result here. Maybe keep an eye on the comments in case I post an example later on…
In the meantime, check out the YouTube videos of T-Pain showing off his new app to friends, artists and random folks on the street. (The second one is really pretty cool.) This thing looks like a lot of fun. So if you’re into T-Pain, or just want to have some karaoke-style fun with your iPhone, check out the I Am T-Pain application in the App Store.