Weekend Vid Picks: Alice Remix-er Back With More Beats

Today we’re going to focus on one specific artist who’s transformed the concept of mash-ups into his own special genius. The Australian electronic music artist Pogo rose to notoriety two years ago with his first video, an remix of Alice in Wonderland as trippy as its source material…

But since then he’s continued to make new beats out of new films, releasing a new one this week. His Steven Spielberg’s Hook remix encapsulated all the awe and wonder that the actual film fell short of achieving:

And last spring’s Alohomora isn’t just a fun reimainging of the Harry Potter films; it’s a tight drum-and-bass tune:

The time between each video’s release is a bit disappointing, but given the work that must go into each, it’s perhaps understandable. Per Pogo’s request on his FAQ page, I won’t suggest any films that might be ripe for transformation — I’ll just go download the tracks from Last.fm and hope the next one is out soon.