France Joins Germany In Google Books Protest

First Germany, now France. Nicolas Sarkozy’s government has written to a US court urging it to stop a $125 million settlement between Google (NSDQ: GOOG) and US book publishers, warning that Google will have unfair control over European works and a “monopoly (on) digitising European orphan works without permission” (via Reuters).
This week Google sought to quell European fears over its books project Monday by promising to consult European publishers before publishing their works in the US and to appoint two Europeans to a new copyright-distributing registry, but the overture appears to have failed.
Google reached the settlement with US publishing groups in October last year after a long-running legal battle with publishers but it still needs approval from a US District Court, which rules next month. While the settlement specifically relates to what domestic US readers will be able to read, European publishers want more consultation on how much of their content will be made available.
A Google spokesman says (via “We don