Serena, Kanye and New Moon Let it All Out

It was an emotional weekend for viral video moments. At tonight’s MTV Video Music Awards, Kanye West bolted on-stage during Taylor Swift’s acceptance of the VMA for Best Female Video to grab the microphone and proclaim that Beyonce “had one of the best videos of all time.” Beyonce seemed just as shocked as the rest of the audience at this obviously unscripted moment. (West wasted almost no time in issuing an apology the same night as the incident.)

Of course, MTV knows when it’s got viral video gold (Britney, anyone?). The Kanye clip has already been viewed more than 500,000 times on alone.

Earlier in the weekend, during her U.S. Open semi-final match against unseeded Kim Clijsters, Serena Williams’ temper proved as explosive as her forehand. After a line judge called a controversial foot fault on the tennis star, Williams unleashed a verbal barrage against the judge. The resulting argument cost Williams an additional point, which cost her the entire match.

And the final emotional outpouring from this weekend wasn’t caught on video, but rather will result from a video. The Twilight: New Moon trailer hit the web, sure to send just about every teenage girl in the country into some kind of tear-filled hysterics.