Where to Watch the Delayed U.S. Open Final Online

Widely held wisdom in world of live sports webcasts is that weekdays rock. That’s when folks are desk-bound, and need to tune in online to get their sporting fix. So we weren’t altogether disappointed to learn that a rain delay pushed the men’s U.S. Open tennis final to Monday. Let’s just hope Roger Federer brings his A-game — as shown by “the greatest shot I ever hit in my life,” as he described a between-the-legs save in the tournament semifinals.

The game will be shown at 4 p.m. ET on CBSSports.com and USOpen.org. Back when it was scheduled for the weekend, the finals match wasn’t going to be aired online at all, because CBS was worried about affiliate ratings. Now, the top-seeded Federer will battle No. 6 seed Juan Martin Del Potro in person, on TV, and on the web.

Earlier in the tournament, ESPN and the Tennis Channel, with the help of Origin Digital and Akamai, had powered the truly awesome web streaming of more than 150 matches, but CBS owns rights to air the men’s and women’s semifinals and finals. Let’s hope they use the same system!
Last year’s U.S. Open men’s finals, which Federer won, were also rain-delayed, and drew in 300,000 Monday web watchers in addition to the TV audience.
Elsewhere in live sports online, the U.S. Open of golf has also benefited from weekday web showings due to playoffs and rain. And CBS Sports knows a little something about drawing in weekday online viewers from its annual streaming of college basketball’s March Madness.