PHOTOS: Renault’s New Electric Cars, Meet Twizy, Zoe, & Fluence

Meet the Renault EVs, a family of electric concept cars unveiled by the French automaker today at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The four models, which include the Twizy city car, Zoe, Fluence sedan and the latest iteration of the Kangoo “people carrier,” combined with Nissan’s upcoming LEAF sedan, amount to the starting lineup in the Renault-Nissan Alliance’s quest for domination of the global electric vehicle market.
Renault has designed the Fluence five-seater (the least cutesy of the four models shown in Frankfurt today and pictured after the jump) to be compatible with electric vehicle infrastructure startup Better Place’s “Quickdrop” battery swap system. Today the two companies announced plans to roll out at least 100,000 of the cars in Denmark and Israel by 2016, with buyers having the option to subscribe to Better Place’s services when sales begin in the first half of 2011.

Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn told Bloomberg today, “When the history is written of how the market switched from gasoline to electric, the Fluence will be its Model T.” But it’s the compact Zoe, set to launch in mid-2012, that Renault expects to be the biggest seller.