Qualcomm Tries to Reposition FLO Network As a Mobile CDN

[qi:_newteevee] Qualcomm’s (s qcom) MediaFLO mobile television network hasn’t met the chipmaker’s expectations, according to COO Len Lauer, whom I spoke with at the Mobilize 09 event last week in San Francisco. I interviewed Lauer about Qualcomm’s FLO network for broadcasting mobile television, about which he said, “We’re not where we need to be. We’re not meeting our expectations.”
But if mobile TV isn’t the right use for the separate network that Qualcomm has built at a cost of more than $800 million, Lauer thinks it might be used by carriers to help offload demand for video on the 3G and 4G networks — kind of likeĀ a mobile content delivery network. For more on that and a competing mobile broadcast technology from the GSM Association for network offload, see our report over at NewTeeVee.