Opera Mini 5 Beta Out– Cranks Up the Mobile Browser Wars

Opera is on a tear recently with the release of Opera 10 and now Opera Mini 5 Beta. Opera Mini 5 is Java-based, so it can run on any phone that supports Java, and it is a solid evolution of the mobile browser. Opera Mini renders web pages on the server side for speed, and has been a good mobile browser since the previous version 4.2.
Opera Mini 5 Beta
Opera Mini 5 cranks things up a notch, with tabbed browsing, speed dial and a password manager.  Opera’s goal with the new mobile version was to bring things more on par with the desktop version, and it looks like it has come a long way toward that goal.
To download Opera Mini 5 just visit m.opera.com/next using your mobile browser. You can also download it on your computer.