Weekend Vid Picks: Just Mad About Those Mad Men Parodies!

While you can hardly say that the AMC hit drama Mad Men isn’t on the public radar, the fact is that it has a lot smaller viewership than, say, CSI: Miami. But all that’s going to change in the next few days, as the 1960s-set rumination on advertising and America is not only up for a bajillion Emmys on Sunday, but (probably more of note) stars Jon Hamm and January Jones will be on Monday’s Oprah.
Which means that now is as good a time for compiling some Mad Men parodies. Because, oh, there have been parodies…
The latest one I’ve seen is courtesy of, oddly, former New Kid on the Block Joey McIntyre, and co-stars Nate Cordry (Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip) and Rob Delaney (Coma, Period). The extremely NSFW (for language) short resets Sterling Cooper in the present day — and in Boston.

Also recently, Landline TV produced Mad Men in 60 Seconds, which lampoons the show’s favorite tropes while also perfectly capturing the show’s look and feel. “Scotch!”

In addition, there’s Digital Mad Men, a redubbed (and unembeddable) series of scenes from the show promoting Web 2.0 advertising concepts. Unsurprisingly, it itself is an ad for a digital marketing company.
And back in March, Meshugene Men swapped the ultra-WASPish culture of the show with…the opposite. Featuring Amy Sedaris as Betty Draperberg!

And this is merely scratching the surface — the dilemma of the iconoclastic series. For the more distinctive the show, the easier the parodies come. At least 60s dresses are back in fashion.