Can Sony’s Hobbled PSP Mini Games Compete With iPhone Apps?

With the launch of the handheld PSPgo, *Sony* rolled out a platform called PSP Minis — essentially quick, casual games like you might find on an iPhone — with the explicit goal of attracting iPhone game players and developers. Problem is, Sony (NYSE: SNE) has removed many of the features that would make these games more valuable to both developers and gamers — like network connectivity and the ability to download extra content.
Sony is limiting these features to help streamline its (much maligned) game-approval process; the PSP Mini games should get accepted within five days, while a normal PSP game can take up to two weeks to get approved (per Joystiq). But the big question is whether the inability to create games that let people play together over the network, as well as create titles that generate recurring revenue through content add-ons, will actually keep away the influx of iPhone game developers Sony is hoping for.