Here Are More Apps for That: Three New iPhone Commercials From Apple

app_adsIt’s fall premiere season, and that means new shows. But it also means sparkly new ads to fill all those commercial breaks. New Apple (s aapl) ads for the iPhone provided pleasant relief for me yesterday from the tedium of the two-hour Heroes premiere. On a side note, the Castle premiere was pretty good.

But back to those commercials. All three highlight popular and unique iPhone apps, some of which have already been featured in previous commercials. Let’s take a look at the apps featured in each commercial.


The first ad is called Dine and features a smattering of apps covering a range of different topics, including travel, dining, working and shopping. Here’s a breakdown of the apps featured.
TripCase (Free) — Flight tracking, info and travel itinerary management app. Quite a few not so great reviews on this one, but it is free.
New York Subway 09 ($4.99) — Navigate the labyrinth of the New York City subway system with painstakingly hand drawn maps. Also not very favorably reviewed.
Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List (Free) — Access’s database of great recipes. I actually use and love this app, since it lets me indulge the amateur chef in me.
Zagat To Go ’09 ($9.99) — You like restaurants? Zagat ratings will help you know what you’re getting in to. Is it worth $10? It may depend on how much you value your meals out.
Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite ($9.99) — Check out my thoughts and impressions here.
Gap StyleMixer (Free) — Coordinate Gap clothes. Could be useful if you want to outfit yourself entirely in Gap.


Money, learning, nature and pizza predilections are at the core of this ad. I’m starting to see the pattern here. Weird pairs tied together by linguistic or thematic similarity.
iXpenseIt ($4.99) — Watch what you spend by tracking expenses and preparing a monthly budget. There’s also a free Lite version available.
DailyFinance (Free) — AOL helps stock market junkies stay up to date with quotes, portfolio tracking and business news.
GuitarToolkit ($9.99) — Before I traded my acoustic guitar for a 12-inch PowerBook G4, this was one of my staples. Now it’s a cool $10 home screen icon.
Lonely Planet Mandarin Phrasebook ($9.99) — A globetrotter’s best friend. Or maybe just if you order a lot of Mandarin food.
iBird Explorer Plus ($19.99) — I’m not a particularly avid birder, but I’ve still been tempted to pick this up. Just think of how many birds you could randomly identify. Now that’s an app.
Pizza Hut (Free) — Order pizza without using your vocal chords or a computer! Truly, the future is upon us.


Use your iPhone to help you find things, pass things (that sounds bad), read things and learn how to read to begin with. They don’t mention it here, but it can also teach you math and science. Kids, don’t worry about going to school anymore.
Fandango (Free) — The online ticketing service has created this app to help you find info about movies and buy tickets to see them.
G-Park ($0.99) — Find your car in that ridiculous infinite field of concrete outside the local Costco. Those colored, numbered pillars do nothing.
VocabWiz College Vocabulary ($4.99) — Use this app to show up snooty college guys in bars, just like Matt Damon.
365 Crosswords ($4.99) — Fight off boredom with word games. That’s what I do. Or else Sudoku, which is like this but with less hard brain thinking.
Classics ($2.99) — Public domain books made to look very, very pretty on the iPhone. One reviewer faulted it for not including Twilight. That’s the primary reason to buy, in my opinion.
ABC Animals ($1.99) — Amuse and educate the kids, or help eliminate the secret shame of your illiteracy. Not that you’d be reading this if you were illiterate, I suppose.
Oh, and in case you weren’t aware, Apple makes sure to mention in each of these adds that there are now over 75,000 apps available in the App Store. Nothing like sheer volume to outshine the competition without mentioning them directly.