Microsoft Courier — Secret Tablet Book in Progress?

500x_courier4Gizmodo has sparked a lot of interest with word of a secret project within Microsoft (s msft) that is a new take on the Tablet PC. Code-named Courier, the gadget is a dual-screen gizmo in a book form that works with both pen and touch. This isn’t surprising, given the Windows 7 focus on pen and touch. What is surprising is how far along in the concept stage the Courier appears to be.
What the folks at Giz uncovered looks to be a video showing off the Courier as a lifestyle gadget. This could be legitimate, as we recall that is how the ill-fated Origami product line surfaced on the web.  The Courier certainly looks compelling, although as shown might be awfully heavy to carry around. It looks like it’s an inch thick, too, and that would have to change for a consumer project.
It is great to see Microsoft hasn’t given up on the Tablet PC category. Those of us who are familiar with the technology realize the potential, but we’re the only ones. The Courier could change that if it becomes a real product. Stranger things have happened, right? Be sure to check out the Giz video — it’s pretty cool.