Quick Tip: Adding Photo Albums to Any Page in iWeb

iWebHaving finally gotten around to upgrading to iWeb ’09, I’ve found the best new feature to be an old trick that stopped working in iWeb ’08. It’s a simple method for inserting photo albums onto other pages, like blogs — and for iWeb ’09 users it’s a hidden feature that shouldn’t be missed.

The greatest strength of iWeb, its ease of use, is also its greatest weakness. Through themes and templates, iWeb rigidly controls the fundamental design of web pages. While you can create custom pages with the use of HTML, iWeb offers templates for essentially two types of web pages: photos and blogs.

Creating a photo page in iWeb is as easy as dragging an iPhoto album from the Media Browser. Creating blog entries is also easy; just start typing over the placeholder text in a new entry template. Adding individual photos to a blog entry is drag-and-drop simple as well, but drag an album into a blog entry and iWeb will only create a separate photo page. What iWeb doesn’t tell you is that’s the first step to adding a photo album to any page in iWeb.


Actually, the first step is to create an Albums Page, a web page that’s acts as a directory of a group of photo albums, and one that’s left out of your web site map. I named mine “Misc” and use it to keep photo albums I use on non-album pages. For the above example, I created a photo page with a few images of an antique desk.


You then create the non-photo page for the album, in this case a blog entry about the antique secretary desk.


Going back to the photo page, select the rectangular frame that is the album and copy it. As you can see, it’s now in the clipboard.


Finally, you simply paste it into another web page, in this case at the bottom of the blog entry. Upon publishing, there is now an inline photo album on a blog page. The inline album can have all the features of the one on the actual photo page, too, including the option of a slideshow and image downloading. You can see the actual page here.

When you want photos in iWeb, but not a photo page, remember that an inline album is only a few steps away.