WorkingPoint: Effortless Invoicing

Workingpoint logoMost web-based invoicing apps offer similar features, allowing you to customize and email invoices, track payments and view reports. WorkingPoint, formerly Netbooks, is an easy-to-use app that does all that, plus by partnering with direct marketing company VerticalResponse it gives users a way to create and manage email communications with clients.

WorkingPoint Highlights

WorkingPoint is like a user-friendly version of QuickBooks, without the unneeded trappings that make it complicated for the lone worker or small business. The slick and well-designed interface guides you through the invoicing and billing process without standing in your way. WorkingPoint gives you your own secure login URL, and serves up a home page displaying an easy-to-use and customizable dashboard.

WorkingPoint dashboard

You can import contacts from your email address book. If you have your products or services details in a spreadsheet, you can import that as well. The service can handle the popular Outlook CSV and vCard formats, and contacts from Gmail (s goog), Yahoo! Mail (s yhoo) and Apple Address Book (s aapl). One aspect of the Conatcts feature that needs work is that it’s tedious to delete many contacts, and I didn’t notice the “Find” feature to search contacts until WorkingPoint posted a blog entry explaining how it worked.

It only takes a few minutes to create your first invoice and add new bills. Like QuickBooks, you can add clients and vendors while you do the invoice or bill. If the client already appears in your Contacts list, just enter the customer or company name and WorkingPoint will find it. The intuitive interface doesn’t require you to jump around to create a single invoice, like some other applications tend to do. Just about any new user can get right to work with WorkingPoint with little frustration in trying to figure out how to make something happen.

WorkingPoint invoice

WorkingPoint lets you create a company profile with a public listing in its directory, a feature not seen in other invoicing apps. You can limit profile viewing to your company or other people using WorkingPoint. The profile can integrate your latest blog entries, reviews from Yelp! and Twitter tweets, but if you already have a site it’s probably not that useful.

VerticalResponse Integration

The service has teamed up with VerticalResponse to integrate email communications with your WorkingPoint account. But really, the two act as separate applications. The only real benefits from the partnership are the ability to move back and forth without leaving the site and the 200 email credits you get with the Basic WorkingPoint account (500 for an upgraded account).

WorkingPoint VerticalResponse integration

If you think in terms of email newsletters, those credits won’t last long. But the companies envision the email service integration as a way to help WorkingPoint customers connect with their own clients. Despite the integration, you still need to register to use VerticalResponse and it doesn’t grab email addresses from WorkingPoint, nor does it let you select a contact in WorkingPoint to send an email through VerticalResponse.

VerticalResponse also offers postcards, surveys and mailing lists. Not all of these features are free and the service doesn’t explain the costs before you dive in. The surveys do require a subscription after taking a free test drive. The WorkingPoint and VerticalResponse partnership is new, so more features may come down the pike to help these two apps work in harmony.

Costs and Final Thoughts

The service offers one free plan, and three paid plans ranging from $10 per month up to $80 per month. The basic plan allows one user to access the account. Paid services add statement of cash flow, customizable chart of accounts and branded emails plus others depending on the plan. The paid services will come with banking integration and e-commerce integration in the future, which could be important for some folks.

WorkingPoint has the tools to do the job of invoicing and managing bills. Those who want time tracking included in their invoicing app won’t find that here. Instead, you can count on the web-based app to let you do your billing tasks without frustration.

Have you tried WorkingPoint? Let us know what you think of the app in the comments.