Earth2Tech Week in Review

The week of A123Systems: A123Systems upped its estimated share price on Tuesday, and then ended up pricing its shares even higher late Wednesday for its Thursday morning Nasdaq debut. At the end of the day on Thursday the battery maker saw its share price jump by 50 percent.

Earth2Tech’s Guide to Car 2.0: Everything you ever wanted to know about the future of connected vehicles.

Smart Grid Standards!: Close to 80 standards for the smart grid were revealed on Thursday, largely drawing praise from the industry.

Top 5 Tips for Cleantech Startups Headed to Washington: While spending time in D.C. can certainly bring rewards, once there it’s easy to spend tons of cash without much to show for it. Here’s our list of the top 5 things startups should know before hopping on a plane to Washington.

Fisker Grabs DOE Loan for Project Nina: Just as Kleiner Perkins investor and former Oracle president Ray Lane let slip last week, electric vehicle startup Fisker had some big news this week about how it will build a $39,000 plug-in hybrid vehicle: the Department of Energy and a $528.7 million loan. Fisker will use the loan to help it both build its first plug-in car, the Fisker Karma, and start working on “Project Nina,” a plug-in hybrid car that it plans to build in the United States and manufacture at a volume of 75,000 to 100,000 per year starting in 2012.

Silver Spring Buys Greenbox: Smart grid networking company Silver Spring Networks announced that it plans to buy Greenbox Technology, a 2-year-old startup founded by the creators of the well-known interactive web technology Flash, which has built software to measure a home’s energy consumption.