Even More Services to Help Discover Similar Web Sites

similarsearchOne of the biggest challenges on the web is discovering new types of content. Last week, I wrote about similar-site.com, a web site that helps you find web sites akin to ones that you’re currently viewing. We came across two other services that accomplish the same task.

Earlier this year, Tel Aviv-based SimilarWeb, which counts well-known Israel angel investor Yossi Vardi as one of its backers, publicly released a Firefox browser add-on that displays sites similar to the one you’re visiting. This week, the startup is enhancing its value by making it possible to find articles with similar content to what you’re currently reading. It will also display tweets on the web about topics you’re reading about.

Xmarks, backed by Redpoint Ventures, started out life as a bookmark backup and syncing service, but has since launched a web service that analyzes bookmarked web sites to help you find similar ones.  Xmarks also offers a browser add-on for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari that does the same thing. CEO James Joaquin left a comment in response to my similar-site.com post and said Xmarks finds similar sites by culling information from their database of over 800 million bookmarks. He added, “You can also search by topic and discover the top web sites ranked by bookmark popularity.”