Tgethr: Simple Group Emailing

tgethr_logoTgethr aspires to replace listservs, Google Groups (s goog) and Yahoo Groups (s yhoo) as a way of managing email groups. It scores over Convos (which I recently wrote about) with its very easy setup, useful help and simple web interface, although it doesn’t have some of Convos’ additional features.

During setup, admins can specify the name of the group they wish to create and the email addresses of the group members, along with the email address that will be used to send messages to group members (at the domain — [email protected], for example).

Discussions are presented in Twitter-style message streams on the group’s Tgethr web site. Group activity is searchable, and administrators can use the web site to edit and delete messages, or entire conversations.

No one in your group really needs to use the Tgethr web interface, though; members can participate via email only if they choose. Tgethr supports two-way email encryption, tgethr-tagsTwitter-style #hashtags (which can simplify searches) as well as a few other useful tools, but the service is really very bare-bones, which may be exactly what you need.

Tgethr offers several pricing plans, ranging from a free starter plan to a $99-per-month plan with unlimited users and 20GB of storage. A 30-day trial is available at all levels.

If you need simple group email with the minimum of fuss, Tgethr may be for you.

What do you think of Tgethr?