Now Scheduled: TiVo for BlackBerry

tivo1BlackBerry, meet TiVo. TiVo, say “Hi” to BlackBerry. OK, now that you two are acquainted, let’s remotely get some television recorded, ‘k? Yes, the TiVo for BlackBerry software is ready for downloading from the BlackBerry App World. With the app, you can search for programming by keyword, actor, tile or category and set single episode or full season recordings right from the handset. There’s a definite TiVo “look and feel” to the interface, so there’s no major learning curve involved. We wouldn’t want it to be challenging to set up our precious recordings, now would we? 😉

I don’t have a TiVo, but my Verizon FiOS offers similar functionality. Verizon doesn’t offer an application like this, but it does have a web portal I can hit to manage my content. I actually prefer that solution over a dedicated client application because it’s flexible enough to use on just about any device.