MiniBooks: Putting FreshBooks On the iPhone and iPod Touch

Freshbooks logoFreshBooks users with iPhones or iPod Touches (s aapl) can now manage their FreshBooks account while on the go with MiniBooks, an app from Groovy Squared. The app synchronizes with your FreshBook account, so you can access your data even if you lose your network connection.

MiniBooks comes with the following features:

  • Clients: Search for clients and contact them with the iPhone’s phone and email applications.
  • Invoices: Create, edit, search, view and email invoices from within the app. You can also view the status of the invoice and record payments.
  • Timers: Start and stop timers that can track multiple activities on one screen. Active timers will keep running even if you close MiniBooks.
  • Estimates: Create, edit and email estimates that you can turn into invoices.

MiniBooks Timers MiniBooks Invoice

If you don’t already have a FreshBooks account, you’ll need to sign up for one before downloading MiniBooks. MiniBooks can’t synchronize taxes or give staff members access to FreshBooks, due to limitations on the FreshBooks backend. The free MiniBooks Lite version limits you to three clients, while the full version retails for $14.99.

Do you use a billing app on your phone? What do you use?