Mobile Tech Minutes — Palm Pre vs. HTC Hero on Video

[wpvideo 7ShlM6Fn w=500]

I am being inundated with one single question since receiving the HTC Hero phone with the Android (s goog) OS. That question is which phone do I prefer, the Palm (s palm) Pre or the HTC Hero? It’s a fair question since both phones are on the Sprint (s s) network in the U. S., or at least they will be when the Hero starts shipping.

The question is totally one of personal preference, and it has no easy answer. Both phones are compelling in their own right, and the best way to give a feel for them is to show them side by side. That’s the intent of this video, to let viewers get a feel for each phone and how they differ.

The video shows the main interface of each, and shows the strengths of each interface. Both web browsers are demonstrated, and the pluses and minuses of working the web are shown. Have a look at the video and see which phone holds the most appeal for you. I know for sure that I would be happy with either one as my main phone.