It’s 3-D Week!

While 3-D technology’s been around for more than 50 years, it’s picked up a huge amount of momentum recently. Whether it’s the flood of new 3-D movies in theaters, 3-D browsers for the mobile phone or 3-D technology in all forms of consumer electronics, it’s clear the digital world is no longer flat.

Because of this, we’re excited to announce 3-D week at GigaOM Pro. All week we’ll be coming at you in 3-D, exploring how soon and in what ways 3-D technology will impact our home, work and mobile lives.

So, if you’re interested in hearing about the latest in 3-D technology — from 3DTVs to 3-D virtual worlds to the entire universe of 3-D computing — make sure to stop by every day at GigaOM Pro.

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