MOTO Dext Hits Orange UK Oct. 7

We excitedly reported that the Motorola (s mot) Cliq would be the company’s first Android handset. We showed you the cool MotoBlur interface that would keep you in touch with all your peeps. It turns out that technically it’s not true that the Cliq is Motorola’s first Android handset, as it is not scheduled to be up for pre-orders until Oct. 19 by T-Mobile. Word has just appeared that the Dext, as the phone will be known outside the U. S., is going up for sale on Orange UK on Oct. 7.

That’s only a couple of days away so it looks like the Dext will show up before the Cliq. That would technically make the Dext Motorola’s first Android phone. Confused? These sort of things happen all the time in the crazy world of the smartphone.