Gist Goes Mobile With iPhone App

Gist - iPhoneGist, the relationship management service that went to open beta last month, today announces the release of an iPhone (s aapl) application, available through the App Store, that makes getting access to your data easier while on the go.

By its very nature, Gist compiles a sometimes overwhelming amount of information about your contacts so I was a bit skeptical about it being possible to reduce it down for the mobile interface. Gist combats this by really focusing on your most important people: those who you are meeting with next.

The Initial views on the app work on the assumption that you are either on your way to your meeting or taking a few minutes prior to prepare. Gist displays the meeting attendees and provides quick links to zip off an update email or pull up a map. It also provides easy access to the dossiers of your meeting attendeesĀ so you can grab some quick info prior to your event.

Beyond that, you do have the same views to your data as on the web app, your dashboard, events, people and companies — all distilled into consumable pieces that fit into the time that you have.

The Gist iPhone app is being released for no charge as part of the open beta program and is available through the Apple iTunes App Store. UPDATE: According to Robert Pease, VP Marketing, Gist, the App will now be launched next week.

How will mobile access to your Gist data help you keep in tune with your contacts?