Magma Finds Videos Before They Erupt

Magma, the viral video analytics startup brought to us by the folks behind Rocketboom, is still a bit raw around the edges. Its internal metrics system is a black box and the site has so many features it’s inscrutable. Magma wants to be a public analytics platform, a personal viral video collector, a Billboard chart, a social recommendations engine and a promotional tool for content producers. But it’s still very new, so we’ll give it some time.

For now, one feature I’m finding quite useful is Magma’s “Must Watch” section, which is also available as an embeddable widget (seen here). “Must Watch” highlights videos that have recently surfaced and are gaining steam on sites like Twitter, IceRocket and YouTube’s daily most popular list. Videos are assigned a “Magma score” (I don’t really get it, but higher is better), but more importantly, their view counts, comments and links are collected across multiple uploads and multiple sites, with the portion from the current day split out. Here‘s an example.

For Magma to really beat out competitors like Viral Video Chart it should do a better job of parsing and illustrating stats — after all, the data the site uses isn’t proprietary; the secret sauce is in combining it in a good UI. The company understands that and sent over a screenshot of its planned feature set. Still, what really matters is that each time I’ve checked Magma I’ve found something to watch that isn’t already overexposed.