Mama, Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Bloggers

[qi:112] As I flipped through my morning news flow today I stumbled across an article about a 12-year-old who overspent on iTunes songs, and had to pay back a $65 balance on the $100 she spent on her Mom’s credit card. The point of the story was about personal finance skills for tweens, and included this bit of info:

In addition to seeking a steady babysitting job, she’s working on the strategy to drive traffic to her advice blog, which can then be monetized with Google text ads. I’m helping her with that one.

Wow, is that a path to steady dollars for that age group nowadays? If a smart kid can create a blog (and indeed, many have) and monetize it using AdSense, more power to them. If I could have made a few dollars a day from creating a project like that when I was 12, that would have been really cool.

And finally, instead of all the negative crap we hear about sexting, bullying on Facebook and how technology is hurting their brains, here’s an example of how technology can positively affect kids. I know the media loves to underscore the gripping tales of tweens sending naked pictures of themselves on their phones, but as a parent and as a blogger, I wanted to bring out this paragraph in that Minyanville story as an example of how kids are using technology for something besides titillating adults.