Android This Week: Quick Search Box, Liquid With Snapdragon Debut

gigaom_icon_google-androidAndroid (s goog) news is getting hotter every week, as the platform becomes poised to take off. This is due to new handsets being released now through the end of the year. And the ability to search across a phone’s content and the web for that desired nugget of information is a highly desirable feature for consumers. The latest version of Android addresses that craving by adding a universal Quick Search Box widget that facilitates searching across Apps, Contacts, Browser and Music. The widget can be put on the home screen, making universal search just a tap away.

Plus, Acer this week showed off an early version of a new Android phone based on the speedy Snapdragon processor. The Liquid, as it is currently dubbed, is a touchscreen-equipped phone with a large display. The 1GHz Snapdragon processor in the Liquid is beginning to be used in smartphones, and currently is the fastest processor used to run handsets. Like Motorola (s mot), Acer is customizing Android to provide social-network integration on the Liquid to appeal to consumers.

Meanwhile, Barnes & Noble (s bks) is expected to announce its own branded e-book reader soon. In leaked photos online, the reader looks like the Amazon Kindle with a second small color screen at the bottom of the display to handle touch controls. What does this have to do with Android? Rumor has it this reader will feature Android under the hood.