The Winners and Losers in the Smart Grid Stimulus Funds

powergridgeneric8The $3.4 billion in smart grid stimulus fund awards were announced this morning and close to 100 recipients woke up today to the equivalent of Christmas morning. At the same time, another 300 or so utilities and cities missed the boat and will have to find their own funds to get their smart grid projects rolling.

CenterPoint Energy, Florida Light and Power and PECO Energy Company received the maximum $200 million grant, while the tiny municipal utility EPB, which is building an unusual fiber-based smart grid in Chattanooga, Tenn., received $111.57 million. But California’s Pacific Gas & Electric (s PCG) and Southern California Edison, as well as National Grid, Oncor, and Tennessee Valley Authority were notably absent from the list (see some of the applicants that didn’t receive funds here).

The non-utility awards went to Whirlpool ($19.33 million) for smart appliances, and M2M Communications ($2.1 million) for a smart irrigation system in California’s Central Valley. In terms of how the funds were split up among regions, North Carolina brought in $400 million, Florida received $267.20 million, California brought in over $200 million, and New York $173.55 million (a far cry from its full ambitions).

Here’s some of the big winners in this morning’s announcement that were awarded over $100 million:

Company Type of Firm Amount Received Project Location
Southern Company Services Utility $164.53 million Deploy 5 smart grid tech system. Birmingham, AL
Sacramento Municipal Utility District Utility $127.51 million Install 600,000 smart meters, dynamic pricing, electric vehicle charging, and 50,000 demand response controls. Sacramento, CA
Potomac Electric Power Company (PEPCO) Utility $104.80 million Install 570,000 smart meters, dynamic pricing, distribution automation, and communication infrastructure tech. Washington DC
Florida Power & Light Utility $200 million For Energy Smart Florida, which will install 2.6 million smart meters, 9,000 smart distribution devices, 45 phasors and advanced monitoring at substations. Miami, FL
Baltimore Gas & Electric Utility $200 million Smart meter network for 1.1 million residential customers that will enable dynamic pricing. Baltimore, MD
Duke Energy Utility $200 million Smart grid for Duke’s midwest electric system including Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. Smart meters or 1.4 million customers, advanced automated distribution, dynamic pricing, plug-in electric vehicles. Charlotte, NC
Progress Energy Service Company Utility $200 million Build a smart grid “virtual power plant” through conservation. Raleigh, NC
NV Energy Utility $138 million Smart grid, dynamic pricing, 1.3 million smart meters, Las Vegas, NV
Consolidated Edison Company of New York Utility $136.17 million General smart grid, . New York, NY
Oklahoma Gas and Electric Utility $130.00 million General smart grid, deploy 771,000 smart meters, in home energy management displays, and dynamic pricing. Oklahoma City, OK
PECO Energy Company Utility $200 million Deploy 600,000 smart meters Philadelphia, PE
Electric Power Board of Chattanooga Utility $111.57 million Deploy smart grid to all 170,000 customers. Chattanooga, TN
Center Point Energy Utility $200 million Install 2.2 million smart meters, as well as 550 sensor and automated distribution devices. Houston, TX