TinyGrab Makes Sharing Screenshots Simple

Picture 2TinyGrab is a simple, lightweight app that makes sharing screenshots online both easy and fast. I tried the Mac (s aapl) version, but it’s also available for Windows (s msft) and works in a similar fashion.

To get started with TinyGrab, simply register on the site (by entering your name and email address), then download the app and install it. Fire it up by logging in with the password that TinyGrab emails you.

The procedure for taking a screenshot is the same as it always is with OS X (you can define your own hotkeys in the Windows version): Hit Cmd+Shift+4 to take a partial screenshot, or Cmd+Shift+4 then the spacebar to take a shot of a whole window. The difference with TinyGrab is that after you’ve taken a screenshot, you’ll hear a confirmation bleep, indicating your screenshot has been uploaded to the TinyGrab web site and the image’s URL has been placed into your clipboard. You can then just hit Cmd+V to paste the URL wherever you want to share the image. The URL is in a handy, ready-shortened form for use on Twitter — here’s an example I made earlier: http://grab.by/cM1.

TinyGrab is available in both free and premium flavors. Premium accounts cost £10 ($16), while free accounts are limited to 10 uploads per day, and can’t search through grabs or organize them online.

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(Via Demogirl)