Daily Sprout

Business Models in the Electric Motorcycle Revolution: What electric motorcycle startups are “trying to do with the motorized two-wheeler is more revolutionary than evolutionary and so their approach to the market must be distinct, perhaps diametric to that of the companies that currently occupy the landscape.” — Asphalt and Rubber via Autoblog Green

How to Cultivate a Green Company Culture: Incrementalism, or prettying up existing processes, has its critics, but it also has a role to play in making environmental sustainability a core value of a company. — GreenBiz.com

What’s In a Name?: Before settling on names for new models an automaker consults lawyers in as many as 200 countries or territories. For the Nissan LEAF, the company’s brand management chief says “It was a minor miracle that the name was cleared.” — Bloomberg

Chinese Wind Farm in Texas: “Another day, another big Chinese energy-related investment. This time it’s a $1.5 billion wind farm in Texas, paid for by Chinese banks and to be supplied with Chinese-made wind turbines.” — WSJ’s Environmental Capital

Clean Energy in the Pipeline: More than half of all planned energy projects in the electric grid reliability cooperative that links northeastern states and parts of Canada are renewable energy projects, according to a recent report by SNL Financial. — NYT’s Green Inc.