Ubuntu 9.10 Arrives With Cloud Storage, Better 3G Connectivity

ubuntu_oneHas it been a full release cycle for Ubuntu already? It seems like only yesterday that we saw a jackalope¬†jaunting by, but that was back in April. Now it’s time for Karmic Koala, which is the endearing name for the just released, final version of 9.10. I’m still re-running a Windows 7 netbook battery testwithout Aero, this time — so I’m not ready to run Ubuntu 9.10 yet. I’ve got a download going for the Live CD, so while I wait for the software and my hardware, I’m perusing the press release and¬†release notes for Karmic Koala. A few key updates look pretty handy:

  • Ubuntu One integration — Much like Dropbox and other online storage or sync solutions, Ubuntu One offers a place to stash your data. Every Ubuntu user gets a free 2GB account and the service is natively integrated within the Ubuntu file system, making it pretty seamless.
  • Improved 3G connectivity — I’ll have to try this to better understand what exactly has been improved, but this is key for mobile folks.
  • New Software Center — One-stop shopping for software is always nice, especially when there’s a button for Free Software as well. This takes the place of Add/Remove in the Applications menu.
  • New Kernel Mode Setting — By default on Intel hardware, this “reduces boot-time flickering and dramatically speeds up suspend/resume.”

Has anyone installed this — or the new Netbook Remix Edition — and been wowed by any other new features?