Invests In Location Sensing Tech Firm Imere (NSDQ: REDF) India Ltd has invested in Bangalore-headquartered location sensing technology startup Imere Technologies Pvt. Ltd, the Nasdaq-listed firm said on Friday, without disclosing the quantum of investment.
Imere is a software platform that enables mobile and Internet applications to sense the location of their users and optimize services accordingly. On mobile, Imere’s technology can sense location even on a phone without GPS. On the Internet, location sensing is done by Imere without being entirely dependent on IP addresses. Imere uses Cell-ID, Wi-Fi, GPS, IP addresses and proprietary algorithms in its technologies. Together, they enable delivery of best in class location accuracy, the company claims.
“Location-awareness in applications is critical for hyper-local search and local advertising besides many evolving social networking and enterprise applications. Imere’s technology is very cost effective in delivering location awareness,” Rediff chairman Ajit Balakrishnan said in a statement. Rediff will use Imere’s technology in its applications.