Study: 62% of Netflix Subscribers Have Streamed

Sixty-two percent of Netflix (s NFLX) subscribers have used the company’s streaming service since it launched, new research from One Touch and the Praxi Group indicates. Some 54 percent of 1,000 users surveyed in October say they watch at least one movie or TV show a month (hat tip to VideoNuze for providing the report).
During its most recent earnings call, Netflix said 42 percent of its subs had streamed at least 15 minutes of a title during the third quarter.


Despite the fact that Netflix is embedded on just about any device you can plug into your TV, the study found that more than 60 percent of respondents said they watched on a PC, and 13.4 percent watched via a computer connected to a TV. Game console (read: Xbox) usage was 11.1 percent, DVD player was 5.7 percent, and the Roku was 3.6 percent. As a bonus extrapolation, this last bit of research could indicate that if 3.6 percent of Netflix’s 11.1 million subs watch on a Roku, that would translate to roughly 400,000 Roku boxes in homes.

This last stat fits nicely with another study that came out today from the Catalyst Group (via The New York Times), which studied which movie service people using a Roku would choose: Amazon (s AMZN) or Netflix.
The sample size of 11 people is pretty small, but the biggest finding for the research firm was how surprised people were by the basic idea that they could choose from a large library of content and watch it instantly on their TV.
Once participants got past the over-the-top video shock, researchers found that frequent movie watchers preferred Netflix and its subscription pricing.
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