Voalte One Brings Patient Care to the iPhone

iphone-for-websiteThe medical profession is always looking for ways to improve patient care, while keeping the costs to do so as low as possible. Sarasota Memorial Hospital in Florida has been outfitting nurses with iPhones running the Voalté One patient care program since June. The Voalté One packages leverages voice calls, patient alarms and text messages to notify nurses of patient needs, and the program is being claimed as successful so far.
“The nurses have embraced the technology and have given us great feedback,” said P.J. Floyd, Associate Chief Nursing Officer at Sarasota Memorial Hospital. “The Voalté One makes them better able to respond quickly to patient’s needs.”
The hospital has noted a 78 percent drop in overhead paging as a direct result of implementing the Voalté One program, and the patient wings are quieter as a result. This can play a big role in the healing process, as anyone who has required hospital care can attest.