Netflix Starts Shipping PS3 Discs

Netflix_PS3_1Netflix (s NFLX) has started shipping the discs required to stream its “Watch Instantly” movies on the Sony PlayStation 3 (s SNE). According to a corporate blog post today, Netflix VP of marketing Jessie Becker said the company sent out PS3 discs to 100,000 Netflix subscribers who requested them. Becker went on to say that after Netflix “tune[d] a few more details,” everyone else who requested a disc would receive one in the next couple of weeks. Users will have to use the special disc each time they want to stream Netflix on the PS3 until the service can be integrated into the console hardware.
During its Q3 earnings call, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said that his company was going to partner with a CE device that had a “material installed base.” The next week, Netflix announced it would make its streaming service available on Sony’s PS3 gaming console, which has an installed base of roughly 9 million units.
A survey from One Touch and the Praxi Group released yesterday estimated that 11.1 percent of Netflix subscribers (roughly 1.2 million people) had watched the Watch Instantly streaming service through a game console, which up until now, meant Microsoft’s (s MSFT) Xbox.
We don’t know how many people in total have requested the special discs, and if any of them are new subscribers brought in by the PS3. Regardless, an initial batch of 100,000 is a good indication that Netflix’s streaming usage will get a nice shot in the arm from the PS3 — and that Netflix is on the right path with the increased emphasis its placing on streaming.