DealBook’s Payday, Sort Of

In a much-anticipated (only by us media insiders) NY Mag profile of NYT wunderkind Andrew Ross Sorkin, timed with his first book “Too Big To Fail” about the financial crisis drama, lots of details about the book, how it came about, and Sorkin’s increasingly contentious relationship with rest of NYT biz journos, most of it inside baseball. Of more interest to us, how he started the DealBook and his role as one of the first journalist-entrepreneurs among the conservative lot at the paper. Here in a nutshell is his achievement at the Times: “With his DealBook e-mail, read by some 200,000 people, plus the blog, with 2.5 million unique monthly visitors, plus the weekly column, breaking news scoops, television appearances, and 60,000 Twitter followers, he is one of the Times