Bill On Site: Invoicing From Your Phone

Bill On Site - Thursday BramBill On Site offers the ability to manage invoices from your mobile phone. No matter where you are, as long as your phone has a web browser, you can send an invoice to your client immediately — you don’t need to have a computer at hand.
Invoicing on the Go
To make preparing invoices on your phone as easy as possible, Bill On Site allows you to set up clients ahead of time, although you can access client information via your phone. You will need to provide an email address in order to make sure that your invoice makes it to the appropriate client. You can also set up your invoices so that your clients can pay you immediately if you happen to be meeting with them when you send the invoice, as well as accept payment by PayPal, check or money order. You can automatically add taxes, fees and discounts to specific clients as well, though they do need to be set up before you start using your phone.
Bill On Site - Thursday Bram-2Bill On Site offers a mobile interface that you can use on any phone that allows you to access the web. It is a relatively easy interface to use, and you can turn out invoices on the spot.
The service has three separate pricing plans, ranging from $15 a month to $45 a month. The basic account is limited to sending out 25 invoices a month and is for solo users only. The other plans offer more invoices each month, as well as staff accounts so that multiple members of an organization can access the invoicing system. Each of the three plans includes a 30-day free trial.
Using Bill On Site
Bill On Site - Thursday Bram-1The ability to send an invoice from your phone is very useful — if you’ve had to go on-site to see a client or you’re otherwise away from your computer, it’s a practical feature.
However, many invoicing tools can be used on a smartphone. Some have created applications (like Freshbooks’ Minibooks iPhone app, for example) or mobile interfaces, but with a little perseverance, even those that have not can still be used.
One thing I’d love to see from Bill On Site that would make it really stand out from other invoicing apps is a way to send invoices from mobile phones that aren’t smartphones (maybe via an SMS or voice interface).
In general, Bill On Site stacks up well against other invoicing tools. It does encrypt all invoice and client information and transmits it over SSL. Data is backed up in three different locations, according to the company’s web site. The system also records all changes to each invoice, so that you can review how an invoice has been updated and changed at any time. The question worth considering is how different the mobile interface is for Bill On Site when compared with other invoicing tools, but if invoicing from your phone is a concern, it’s worth giving Bill On Site’s free trial a go.
What do you think of Bill On Site’s mobile interface?