Digeo Caters to Multi-TV Households With Moxi Update

After being acquired for a song by Arris in Sept., Digeo released the latest in a string of improvements to its product portfolio today, starting with an HD DVR that can stream live or recorded video to up to three rooms in a user’s home.
In the latest update to the Moxi brand of products, Digeo added a new three-tuner HD DVR, which will allow consumers to record up to three programs at once, while having the ability to watch a fourth recorded program. Or, when combined with the company’s Moxi Mate products, users can now watch up to three live or recorded shows from different rooms in the house.
The ability to stream live programming to the Moxi Mate is also a new addition, correcting one of the biggest things missing from the product. Prior to the latest release, users could only watch pre-recorded programs through their Moxi Mates.

With the addition of new products and functionality, Digeo is lowering the price of its two-tuner Moxi HD DVR to $499, from its previous $799 price point. The company also reduced the cost of the Moxi Mate digital video player from $399 to $299.
However, the three-tuner HD DVR can only be purchased as part of a two-room or three-room bundle. For $799, consumers can purchase a three-tuner Moxi HD DVR and a Moxi Mate that will extend live or recorded programming to a second room in the house. Or they can spend $999 for a three-tuner HD DVR and two Moxi Mates.
This is the third update that Digeo has announced for the product line this year, after adding support for Internet video from sites like Hulu and YouTube in the spring, and announcing the availability of multiroom DVR viewing with the Moxi Mate line over the summer.