Live-streaming Event: Video Rights Roundtable

Online video and copyright have been through a lot in the past few years, evolving from a highly contentious relationship to more a transactional partnership. But media creators and technology companies have learned about each others’ businesses largely in conference rooms and in courts. Today, at the NewTeeVee HQ here in San Francisco, we’re holding an event aimed at bringing the discussion into the light, giving stakeholders the chance to talk to one another constructively. Participants today will include content owners, video sites and copyright service providers, such as Ethan Applen, director of technology and business strategy, Warner Bros.; Betsy Zedek, counsel, content protection, Fox Group Legal; David King, senior product manager of Content ID, YouTube; Michael Seibel, CEO,; and Yangbin Wang, CEO, Vobile.
We will be live streaming the event, starting at 9:30 am PT, for two hours. We hope you can join us — please leave your thoughts as to what’s being discussed in the comments section. And for those who want to talk about it online, the Twitter hash tag is #NTVL.
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