Perlman Says OnLive Game System Will Have Mobile Functionality, Too

More details about OnLive, the AT&T and Time Warner-backed connected video game system founded by Steve Perlman. Perlman reveals that OnLive will support mobile game-playing; the company demoed the system simultaneously playing a single game on two iPhones, a TV and a computer at a Webush Morgan conference.
Perlman maintains that OnLive is designed for TV and computer-based play, so at first, mobile functionality will be geared toward “community and social elements,” like seeing which games friends are playing, and “spectating” their live game play.
But he did note that the “large tiles” of the iPhone’s touch screen interface, in particular, made the handset an ideal device for accessing OnLive’s features remotely. No ETA on when the mobile service will launch — or OnLive itself — though the company opened a limited beta in September. Hat tip to Gamasutra for first spotting Perlman’s post.