WiMAX Hits Austin and San Antonio Today

[qi:gigaom_icon_WiMax] Sprint (s S) announced WiMAX service today in San Antonio and my hometown of Austin, Texas, so this is just to tell y’all I’m playing with a modem and will be letting folks know how it all works, once I activate the darn thing. Currently Sprint doesn’t support a USB modem for Macs (but I’m assured that one is coming, likely in time for the holidays), which means I need a PC to activate my modem on. But then I can use a personal hotspot product that converts the WiMAX signal to Wi-Fi to test it out on my MacBook (and iPod Touch)! So send me your questions, concerns and anything else WiMAX-related, and I’ll try to address them or get them answered. Personally, I want to see if this is something I could replace my wired connection with, or if it’s really just what I’d use instead of my 3G MiFi while I wait for LTE.