thePlatform Announces New TV Everywhere Features, Customers

thePlatform is updating its white-label video management solution with new features designed to make TV Everywhere-type services easier for service providers and publishers to deploy. And the company says it is seeing results, with a bevy of new programmers and a big cable firm announced as customers today.
thePlatform already provides the technology behind On Demand Online, the TV Everywhere project that parent company Comcast (s cmsca) plans to introduce to subscribers next month. But with a suite of new features, the online video platform provider hopes to address authentication and authorization issues that challenge other service providers and media companies when rolling out these services.
Since each ISP introducing TV Everywhere services has chosen to implement a different authentication scheme, media companies need to support multiple login types on their own web properties. To deal with this, thePlatform released a new authentication adapter that enables publishers to verify customer identities across a number of different ISPs. thePlatform has also rolled out tools to map each online video to an individual service provider’s channels, which can then be used to match content available to a given user based on his or her subscription package.
In addition, the company is adding the ability for service providers to “upsell” video services online, with new adaptable content discovery and monetization tools. With these tools, its customers can offer a way for subscribers to purchase programming as an add-on to their existing subscription services, or in a pay-per-view fashion.
The company says it has gained customer traction, with more than 20 new programmers signing up for its services over the past few months.  But the majority of these new customers — including E!, G4, Style, Travel Channel Media, Big Ten Network, and a number of regional sports networks from Comcast Sports — are actually owned by thePlatform’s parent company. The exceptions announced today are Travel Channel Media, Big Ten Network, and a group of regional sports networks from Fox Sports.
In addition to adding new cable programmers, thePlatform also added Canada’s leading cable operator Rogers as a customer, and will provide the backend technology for its TV Everywhere initiatives. With the addition of Rogers, thePlatform serves the vast majority of the cable market in North America, also providing services to Cablevision (s CVC), Cox, Comcast, and Time Warner Cable (s TWC).
Despite the large number of white-label video management systems on the market, thePlatform is one of just two major players (the other being ExtendMedia) that have focused on building out the authentication technology necessary to make TV Everywhere-type services work. The introduction of these new features, and the backing of multiple cable operators, puts thePlatform in a decent position to pick up more business from major media companies wishing to deploy these services.
Correction: Travel Channel Media and the Big Ten Network are not owned by Comcast.