WWD Reader Profile: Tamara Gruber, Freelance Marketing Consultant

WebWorkerDaily readers are a diverse bunch. Every week, I profile a different reader and ask them to share what they do, how they do it, and some of their favorite hints and tips.

Who are you and what do you do?

My name’s Tamara Gruber, and I’m a freelance marketing consultant for technology startups. I provide strategic marketing and communications services including outsourced marketing management, marketing plan development, social media programs/inbound marketing programs, content development and event management.

What’s a typical day like for you?

There is no truly typical day, which is why it’s critical for me to stay organized so that I can manage multiple clients, business development and family demands. Generally, I might split my work time into 50 percent one client, 30 percent a second client and 20 percent business development/personal branding. Throughout the day I’m writing, creating marketing materials, developing web content, monitoring and engaging with social networks, performing online research, and communicating with peers and vendors.

What gear and software do you use, and why?

I use a Sony (s sne) Vaio laptop running, unfortunately, Microsoft Vista (s msft) (I plan to upgrade it shortly) equipped with Wi-Fi, and an AT&T (s t) wireless data card for web access when Wi-Fi isn’t available. Paired with my iPhone (s aapl), this enables me to work from anywhere — home, coffee shop/book store or my daughter’s gymnastics class. When I’m on the go, I use my iPhone to manage email; catch up on my Google Reader (s goog) feeds; schedule meetings with Tungle; monitor my social networks with Facebook, TweetDeck and Echofon; and catch up on podcasts.

Software and services that I use every day include:

  • Microsoft Office — content production, manipulation
  • Firefox — browsing
  • TweetDeck — monitoring Twitter friends, followers, keywords, competitors, clients
  • Google — Docs, Reader, Calendar, Gmail, search, Maps. I’m just starting to use Google Voice.
  • Digsby — combined IM client to aggregate various systems and suply alerts for new email messages and FaceBook updates
  • Tungle — calendar sharing and meeting scheduling
  • Skype — VoIP
  • Yammer — sharing and conversing with colleagues
  • Photoshop (s adbe) —  photo manipulation/layout
  • Hubspot — inbound marketing monitoring and analytics
  • Constant Contact – email marketing
  • Salesforce — CRM (for my clients)
  • Wiki (private) — sharing and collaboration
  • iTunes/Pandora – music, podcast listening and discovery
  • Delicious – social bookmarking and sharing

There are many other Twitter apps and services I utilize from time to time, and I like to try new betas and iPhone apps.

What’s your favorite web working tip?

I have various email accounts and calendars for different clients, so I like to have everything centralized so that I don’t need to keep closing and opening Outlook to see if a new email came in or if I’m available at a certain time. It takes too much time and it interrupts my work flow, so I use my iPhone to monitor if email has come into any of my accounts, and Tungle to centralize my calendar for meeting scheduling.

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