What’s Coming in 2010: Forecasts From Around Our Network

Change is the only constant. As another year gets closer to its end, editors and writers from all around our network have been making predictions as to the many controversial and exciting developments that are likely to arrive in 2010. Here’s what we see coming:

The Fabulous 5 for 2010 — Om notes that we are on the cusp of a massive change in technology, and lists five companies that are so central to driving such change that they’ll all be making headlines next year.

On Apple’s (s aapl) Horizon— In addition to prognostications for the iPod and iPhone, TheAppleBlog also has Apple-related predictions for everything from the cloud, to 2010’s Mac lineup to what lies ahead for iLife, iWork and iTunes.

What WebWorkerDaily Is Looking Forward to in 2010 — Simon weighs in with predictions ranging from newly improved integration among web apps to a bright future for next-generation browsers.

Three Mobile Tech Predictions for Next Year — James over at jkOnTheRun foresees three major developments taking place on the mobile tech scene in 2010. He predicts that one heavily discussed product won’t arrive at all, and that there may be some unexpected freebies available.

What’s Ahead for Open Source in 2010 — This was one of the biggest years on record for disruptive open source developments. OStatic delivers a series of forecasts as to what will and won’t work in the open source arena next year.

Big Wins and Busts In Online Video — The folks at NewTeeVee see a bright year for TV Everywhere in 2010, but trouble ahead for some key players.

The Biggest Green Tech Hurdles — Over at Earth2Tech, Katie takes a look at the biggest hurdles looming on the green scene for next year. She also forecasts the post-stimulus 2010 future.