Some Droids Having Trouble With Exchange Mail

Android phones are Google (s goog) devices at the basest level, that’s obvious. But there are a lot of people out there who need the ability to work with Exchange Servers for email. The Droid handles Exchange email out of the box, so you’d think it would be a good fit for just about everyone. Unfortunately, there is a nasty bug on the Droid that some owners are reporting that makes Exchange email stop working reliably after awhile.

Some Droid owners are finding that their corporate email accounts are just deleting themselves on the phones. One day email works, and the next the account is just gone. They find themselves confronted with the mail setup wizard over and over again. The only solution is to reload the OS and resync the mail to the Exchange Server. No official response has been given by Android or Verizon (s vz) regarding the problem.

Some Droid owners are reporting that using the $20 TouchDown app for syncing the Exchange mail eliminates the problem altogether. It may be worth the $20 if your email has been impacted until a real fix can be produced.