Live Broadcasting From Your iPhone? There’s (Finally) an App for That

Ustream Broadcaster

Ustream Broadcaster

iPhone users will now be able broadcast their lives to the world, with an app from Ustream. The Ustream Broadcaster app, which is available for free in Apple’s (s aapl) App Store, allows iPhone 3GS users to live-stream from their iPhone over both Wi-Fi and 3G networks.

Offering the ability to broadcast live from an iPhone is a big step forward for Ustream. Previously, iPhone users could only record videos and later update them to Ustream through its Recorder app, to be viewed later on demand. The release of the Broadcaster app makes Ustream the first company to enable one-to-many live broadcasting over the iPhone.

In addition to live-streaming, the app has sharing features that will allow users to upload their videos to YouTube (s GOOG) and Facebook. Broadcaster also makes it easy to send notices on Twitter when a user has started a live stream.

A number of apps have appeared recently that take advantage of the iPhone’s ability to record video and stream it live to other users. The release of the Ustream Broadcaster app comes just about a week after the Knocking Live Video app was approved by Apple (with a personal endorsement from Steve Jobs), enabling viewers to share live video feeds on a one-to-one basis. And an application called fring has recently been updated to enable video calls on the iPhone. Now that the floodgates have been opened, expect more apps to include similar live broadcasting capabilities.